At Youthtube Academy we encourage the creativity of young people to help kids learn fundamental life skills in an immersive and interactive way.

Meet The Founder - Warren Inspire Ryan

Warren Inspire Ryan is an award-winning international speaker, who specialises in coaching people on the strategies & techniques needed to live life on their terms. Warren’s passion for helping others stemmed from his own depression, the bullying he experienced in school and the trauma he experienced growing up. Now Warren is taking what he has learnt and using this to inspire young people and give them the skills to overcome any challenge they may face in life.

We know that children are more likely to learn through play-like activities which is why we use YouTube as a tool to keep kids interested while teaching them skills like:

Emotional inteligence

Emotional intelligence and how they can be better communicators because we want kids to have the skills they need to overcome any challenges that they may face in life

Leadership and 

Business Skills

Leadership skills that help kids to be great role models and inspire other young people. Business skills because we want kids to have a career that the love and a life they want to live!

Internet Saftey

We teach young people how to stay safe online. We also show kids that how they act online should be the same as how they treat people in person and that cyberbullying is never ok.

Giving Back

The importance of giving back to those less fortunate with each YouTuber sponsoring a charity that is close to their heart.

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