So Your Child Wants To Be a Youtuber?

Youtube is bigger than ever and with over 75% of children wanting to be a Youtuber there's no wonder that your child is interested in the vlogging sensation too. The thought can be daunting to parents, but as trainers of the Youthtube Academy we're here to put your minds at ease. This week we're sharing our thoughts on the benefits for your child with their dream of becoming a Youtuber.

Building Confidence

Some children naturally have a lot of confidence. They take on leadership roles and excel in what they pursue. For others, who are not so confident, they question their ability to do things. Youtube is a community for everyone to connect, whether your child feels socially isolated, has a special interest, personal characteristics or particular life experience.

The courses we offer are tailored and founded by award winning International Speaker and mindset coach, Warren Inspire Ryan, who is dedicated to empowering and inspiring young people. By becoming a Youtuber with our help, your child will become confident, capable and an all-round superstar. Having a YouTube channel allows them the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, gain visibility and to speak fearlessly on Camara.

Creativity and Innovation

By allowing young people to use their creative energies, they will develop skills in innovation - a skill that is the bedrock of any budding entrepreneur. To be a Youtuber you always have to think of new content and creative ideas for your channel. This in turn can encourage your child to research new topics or even to learn a new skills.


Communication and Social Skills

Youtube provides the perfect opportunity for young people to practice effective communication, thinking about their message and content to convey what they want to say. While they're creating content, they may reach out or work with other brands and chat to other Youtubers giving them invaluable social and communication skills.

All the Other Things

There's so many transferable skills young vloggers can learn by becoming a Youtuber that will assist and develop their education.

Should they wish to grow and monetise their channel, they'll also have to make decisions on finances and investment purchases such as equipment etc. If they want to create a brand and start selling merchandise they'll develop skills in marketing. That's not forgetting learning how to use a camera, frame their shots, and work with lighting, sound and editing software.

Above all this your child will get to learn all these important skills while engaging in their favourite activities and doing something they love.

Creates a Closer Bond

Get stuck in and help them to create their videos! Just one video can take hours to make if your child wants to make a high-quality production with lots of editing - we're sure they would love to have the help. Spending long hours of collaboration with your kid can only bring you closer. From a psychological vantage point, bonding like this is also very good for the emotional, social and cognitive development of your child.


Learning About Internet Safety

While becoming a Youtuber it's a good ideas to ensure they're well adverse on the risks the internet can bring. Throughout our courses we always discuss what’s okay to post, what should stay private and other aspects of staying safe online and being respectful of both their own privacy and the privacy of others. They'll even have a group of peers to bounce ideas with to make sure content is safe and aligned with Youtube's community rules.

That being said it's always worth checking in and keeping on top of the content they're creating with regular open dialogue. While we discuss this topic heavily within our courses, it's also important for adults to support and ensure they're complying with the community rules. Like we said above, get stuck in and enjoy the process with them.

Our Safe Environment

If your child is looking to become a Youtuber, our courses provide a safe environment for them to experiment and learn the required skills. We help them to harness the skills listed above with continued support and help from the trainers and peers involved. Looking to get your child booked onto one of our courses? Take a look at our upcoming workshops!


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