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Government and Youth Provisions 

The key ambition of the UK Government is to ensure that all children and young people have the bright future they deserve. But yet local youth services are facing increasing pressure and major cutbacks. 

While councils are struggling to commit to fund youth provisions, youth crime is increasing and mental health issues in young people are on the rise. 


Prevention is Better Than Cure 

At Youthtube Academy, we believe prevention is better than cure. We know children and young people need access to the right support as they progress towards adulthood. No child or young person should ever feel marginalised or isolated as a result of disability, sexuality, nationality, socio-economic status, special educational needs, mental health issues, religion or any other characteristic.

Due to the uptake in such conditions, we need more services that empower our children and young people to make a change in the world for future generations. 

Our Service

At Youthtube Academy we encourage the creativity of young people to help kids learn fundamental life skills in an immersive and interactive way.


Inspired by his own journey through depression and his inability to speak up when he needed to most, Warren Inspire Ryan, an award-winning international speaker, has made it his life purpose to empower young people and to give them a voice so that the 1 in 8 children who have a mental health disorder in the UK do not have to suffer or feel alone.


Over 75% of young people dream of becoming a Youtuber. We're empowering children and young people across the UK to become a fearless Youthtuber and confident role model.

With Government cutbacks to youth provisions and a rise in both criminal and mental health issues within children and young people, we know more needs to be done to increase childrens well-being, education and development. We're crowdfunding £100,000 funding to make this service bigger and better than ever. 


We need your help whether it's £1 or £100! Your contributions will allow us to develop the service, train youth workers across the UK, have a head quarters to provide onsite workshops and to ensure the service is sustainable over the next three years and beyond.

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