Youthtube Academy workshops are taught as a seven month program and are delivered independently and as sponsored workshops in schools across the cities of Bristol, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Merthyr and Blackwood.

The Programme

Month 4

Summit Speaker

Kids speak in front of a live audience as they take part in a YouTube Summit Speaker experience

Month 6

Filming Masterclass

Youthtube Academy runs a filming master class where kids get the chance to create videos

Month 7

Youthtube Ambassador

We give kids the run down on what it means to be Youthtube ambassador and trainer

Month 1

Becoming a Youthtuber

How to become a YouTuber and the confidence skills needed to stand tall in front of a camera.

Month 2

Video Editing

Teaching kids how to use video editing programs so they can edit the videos that they create.

Month 3

Business Skills

What are the business skills kids need to work with brand sponsors to make money from their videos.

Month 4


Kids learn everything they need to know about how to make and sell their own merchandise.

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